LHC unit conversion table (lower part conversion factors

Version: 1. 07072007 reference

2. 23012008

change Eion from 35.0 to 34.8, Lch from 31 to 30, Q_Lm from 150 to 62



Charges per length per particle:



Charges per particle:


LHC beam:

Charge per count:

Current per count time:

Current per bit time:

Charge per dose (IC):

Charge per fluence (IC):

Charg per fluence (SEM):

Count per fluence (IC) :

Count per fluence (SEM):

Dose per count (IC):

Dose per count (SEM):

Counts per dose (IC):

Counts per dose (SEM):

Dose per fluence (IC)

Dose per fluence (SEM)

IC + SEM conversions for the data aquisitions:

Dose per bit (IC):

Dose per bit (SEM):

Current per dose per time (IC):

Current per dose per time (SEM):

Dose per time per current:

Signal ratio IC to SEM