LHC BLM threshold modification reports

R.A.M.S. :Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety


 Topic  Remarks
14/02/2003  BLM Dependability 1 [pdf] (Gianluca Guaglio)  Preliminary Reliability Considerations
02/2004 Section review meeting. Dependability + irrradiations. Slides Guaglio's speeches on Dependability of BLM, Radiation test on analog part, poposed test on analog electronic, dump levels approximations.
05/2004 BIW2004 (Gianluca Guaglio) Contribution to the Beam Instrumentation Workshop: Paper and Slides
08/2004 Installation , operation and maintenance procedure for BLM system Draft of the testing procedures
01/2005 SEU into digital parts  
02/2002 Reliability and Safety, Training Course (P. Kafka) Talk at CERN
20/02/2008 Handbook of testing  
2012  Reliabilty Studies at FERMILAB (IPAC12)   


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