LHC BLM System

Report of the Auditors for the BLM System

Presentation to the MPP of:

Information for the LHC BIS, LBDS and BLM audit follow-up 15 July 2009                17. June 2009

List of auditors:

Stefan Lueders (chair)
Joachim Baechler BH/DT
Reiner Denz TE/MPE
Stefan Haas PH/ESE
Richard Jacobsson PH/LBC
Javier Serrano BE/CO
Yves Thurel TE/EPC




Benjamin Todd: Beam Interlock System Changes Following the 2006 Audit


Jan Uythoven: Beam Dump System follow-up from the 2008 Audit


Bernd Dehning: BLM 2008 audit follow-up


Mariusz Sapinski: BLM: comparison threshold settings with loss measurements and management of threshold storage


Barbara Holzer: BLM ionization chamber space charge and procedures for changes of system settings during LHC running period


Supporting Documents:


LBDS System:



BLM System:

preliminary BLMSoftSpecification_20090610.doc








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