LHC BLM threshold modification reports


  in red LHC reference papers



LHC BLM system    
LHC Beam Loss Monitor System Design [pdf] B. Dehning, G. Ferioli, W. Friesenbichler, E. Gschwendtner and
J. Koopman CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
AIP Conference Proceeding 648 BEAM INSTRUMENTATION WORKSHOP 2002 Tenth Workshop (Page 229)
Pin Diodes vs Ionisation Chambers [pdf, ppt1, ppt2] E. Gschwendtner et al. DIPAC 01
Ionization Chambers for the LHC Beam Loss Detection [pdf] E. Gschwendtner, R. Assmann, B. Dehning, G. Ferioli, V. Kain
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Shower and Beam Simulations
Beam Losses, Radiation Dose and Electronic Equipment in the LHC arcs [pdf] L. Coull, R. Schmidt, T. Spickermann LHC project-note-109
Simulation of Point Beam Losses in LHC
Superconducting Magnets [pdf]
T. Spickermann, K. Wittenburg, LHC project-note-124
ARC loss simulation [pdf] A. Arauzo CERN-SL-200-052 BI
ARC loss simulation [pdf] A. Arauzo LHC Project Note 213
ARC loss simulation [pdf] A. Arauzo LHC Project Note 238
Dispersion Suppressor loss sim. [pdf] E. Gschwendtner EPAC 02
Ion Proton Simulations [pdf] R. Bruce thesis 2005
CERF ionsation chamber test (thremal neutrons) [pdf] E. Lebbos  H6 line 
Beam defussion [pdf]
Giulio Stancar

Beam losses far downstream of IR 1 & 5 [pdf] I. Baishev LHC Project Note 208
Proton losses in the dispersion suppressors [pdf]
of IR1 and IR5 of LHC
I. Baishev LHC Project Note 240
IP 1 5 new simulations [pdf] Christine Hoa  
Collimation IP3 simulation [pdf] (slides) I. Kurochkin opt: version 6.2, collimator material  AL/Cu
Collimation IP3 simulation [pdf] (slides) I. Kurochkin opt: version 6.2, collimator material  C/C double density (not final version)
Collimation IP3 simulation [pdf] (draft paper) I. Kurochkin opt: version 6.2, collimator material  AL/Cu (not final version)
IP4 loss simulations [pdf]    
IP4 radiation issues [pdf] V. Talanov  
FLUKA IR6 radiation estimates (pdf) Lucia Sarchiapone  
FLUKA H6 ionisation chamber calibration [pdf] Lucia Sarchiapone  
Absorber optimization [pdf] FLUKA team  
Technical description of FLUKA implentation [pdf] FLUKA team  
Warm elements [pdf] FLUKA team  
IP7 collimation BLM energy deposition [pdf] Mario Santana Leitner  
IP7 loss simulations [pdf] A. Ferrari  
Hadron and neutron Fluence and Energy Deposition [pdf] P. Sala  
Particle Fluence and Energy Deposition [pdf] J. Vollaire, S. Roesler  
Remanent Dose rate simulations with Fluka [pdf]

J. Vollaire, D. Forkel-Wirth, S. Roesler

FLUKA calculation, energy deposition, particle spectra at BLMs [pdf] J. Vollaire, D. Forkel-Wirth, S. Roesler  
Beam Loss Analysis in the SPS [pdf] S. Redaelli  
Beam Loss (non LHC)    
 Beam loss monitors at the ESRF [pdf] B.Joly, U.Weinrich, G.A.Naylor, ESRF, Grenoble, FRANCE  see p.11
CTF3 beam loss monitoring [pdf]    
SPS BLM system [ppt] G.Ferioli, L.Jensen  
Beam loss at the ramp of the TEVATRON [pdf] F. Schmidt  
Beam Loss Monitor System a Comparison [pdf] L. Froehlich (DESY)  

Diamond and He Detectors

ScintillationHe [pdf]

SEM detectors    
SIC/SEM Richardson  I [pdf] M. Valesco  
SIC/SEM Richardson  II [pdf] M. Valesco  
Scraper design LHC [pdf] F. Bertarelli  
Radiation Issues    
Calorimeters (lecture) [pdf] Kammer  
Dose in the LHC ARC [pdf] G. Stevenson  
Dose in the LHC Dispersion suppressor [pdf] G. Stevenson  
Energy deposition in collimators [pdf] G. Stevenson  
Schauer simulation in low Z material [pdf] B. Goddard, V. Kain  
Dose in the straight section beam-beam interaction IP1,5 [pdf] N. Mokhov  
FLUKA bench marking [pdf] P. Sala  
Estimation of Annual Doses (Project-Note-375) [pdf] L/ Lamont  
Ionisation chamber design studies thesis [pdf] M. Hodgson  
 Repsonse of Centronic High-Pressure Ionisation Chambers to the Mixed Radiation Field of the CERF Facility [pdf, doc] H. Vincke, S. Roessler  
Measurements and Simulations of the PMI Chamber Response to the Radiation Field inside the CERF Target Area [pdf] H. Vincke, S. Roess  
Responce function of high pressure ionisation chamber [pdf, doc] H. Vincke, S. Roess  
A wide range digitizer for direct
coupled analogue signals(1967) (pdf)
MacLannan et al.  
Current to frequency converter [pdf] P. Odda (NSRL)  
Data transmission FPGA development kit USB [pdf] Roman Leitner  
Front end electronics CFC, project and thesis [doc, pdf] and [pdf] Werner Friesenbichler  
FNAL threshold comparator [pdf]    
SNS beam loss design [pdf]    
CMS beam condition monitor (BL CFC) (ppt) Richard Hall Wilton  
24 bit ADC [pdf]

Fast Digitization and Digital Receiver Technology [pdf] Ralph C. Kimball

AIP Conference Proceeding 648 BEAM INSTRUMENTATION WORKSHOP 2002 Tenth Workshop (Page 79)

A DSP-Based Beam Current Monitoring System For Machine Protection Using Adaptive Filtering [pdf] J. Musson, H. Dong, R. Flood, C. Hovater
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA
J. Hereford, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA 23601
Digital Signal Processing In Beam Instrumentation:
Latest Trends and Typical Applications [pdf]
M. E. Angoletta, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland  
ASIS CFC INFN test measurements NIM [pdf] A. La Rosa et. al  
ASIS radiation test  pdf B. Todt   
The Interaction of Radiation with Matter Short course (IEEE 2006)  
Theory and Practice [pdf] William L. Dunn  
Charged Particle and Electron Interaction [pdf] Richard P. Hugtenburg  
Neutron Interaction [pdf] William L. Dunn  
Particle Detection and Applications [pdf] Richard P. Hugtenburg  
Ionization Chamber    
Correction for Recombination Loss of Ions in Ionization Chambers [pdf] N. Takata, Zaizhe Yin, and Aiwu Li  
PS ionisation chamber measurements [ppt] E. Gschwendtner  
CNGS saturation effect [ppt] E. Gschwendtner  
Academic Training Lecture (27.6.2006)    
The use of Monte Carlo radiation transport codes in radiation physics and dosimetry (1/3) Salvat Gavalda, F.,Univ. de Barcelona, ESP  
The use of Monte Carlo radiation transport codes in radiation physics and dosimetry (2/3) Ferrari, A. (CERN-AB)  
The use of Monte Carlo radiation transport codes in radiation physics and dosimetry (3/3) Silari, M. (CERN-SC)  
Quench Levels    
LHC quench levels (LHC_project_report 44) [pdf] Jeanneret J.B. et al.  
Heat transfer in magnets (talk) (pdf) Baudouy (CES)  
Quench levels and transient beam losses at HERA [ppt][pdf]
summary and comments (Dehning B.) [ppt]
Wittenburg K. (DESY)  
Statistic of fast losses at HERA [pdf] Wittenburg K. (DESY)  
Run summary 2005 HERA [pdf] Keil K. (DESY)  
Fast Beam Loss at HERA (Groemitz 2005) [pdf] Seidel M. (DESY)  
Experience with the Proton Beam BLM [pdf] Lomperski M. (DESY)  
TEVATRON IR quad energy deposition [pdf] Mokhov N. (FNAL)  
Beam-Induced Energy Deposition Studies in IR Magnets [pdf] Mokhov N. (FNAL)  
Insertion Magnets and Beam Heat Loads [ppt] Ostojic R.  
QUENCH TEMPERATURE SHORT DIPOLE [pdf] S. Sanfilippo, A. Siemko  
Satbility Analysis Of LHC Cables for Transient Heat Deposition [pdf] P.P. Granieri, A. Semko, D. Bocian  
Steady State Heat Depostion ...[pdf] A. Semko, D. Bocian  
Transient heat flow in coils [pdf] P.P. Granieri  
Enthalpy Limit Calculations in LHC Magnets [pdf] D. Bocian  
Quench limit calculations MB, MQ (1.9K) [pdf] D.Bocian  
Ion MB quench level simulations [xls] D.Bocian  
LHC Protection    
QPS General layouts and principles [ppt] K. Dahlerup-Petersen  
QPS signals [ppt] R. Flora  
Electrical circuits [ppt] M. Zerlaut  
Magnets, risks [ppt] K. H. Mess  
Oprical fibres    
Radiation hardness of fibres [ppt] Kuhnenn (Frauenhofer)  
Optical absorption induced by radiation [pdf] T. Wijnands  
Radiation hardness of fibres (ppt) Kuhnenn (Frauenhofer)  


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